Ultamate Home WiFi

The Ultimate Home Wi-Fi


Nearly all home Wi-Fi originates from small inexpensive wireless router units. These units combine a low to medium powered Wi-Fi access point, antenna, and a router/switch. The units can cover a small to medium size home with the signal dropping off quickly as one move away from the unit and into rooms isolated by walls, ceilings, floors etc. The units provide peak performance when there is only one connection and it is close to the unit. As the number of connections and distance increase the performance can degrade quickly. The router is normally built around a low end processor with limited memory. As the demand grows, the number of packet increase and the number of routes increase these units can limit the overall bandwidth. A secondary problem occurs over time as the routers memory fills and starts to clog up the data passing through.  At some point the router may need to be powered off and on to clean up its internal working.

The Ultimate Home Wi-Fi system circumvents these issues by splitting up these functions into components specifically designed and optimized for a specific function much like high end audio entertainment systems. This allows the system integrator to select components that meet a variety of needs without compromise.

Home WiFiThe hart of the system is the router. The router can be scaled for various needs. The unit used in the home environments has a powerful multi core processor with hardware acceleration and ½ gig of ram and 2 gigs of flash storage.  All of the switch ports are gigabit ports (10 to 100 times faster than the normal 10/100 meg ports). The router’s firewall protects your home computers and data from outside hackers.

Access points are connected to the router via Ethernet cable and multiple units can be place around a home to provide optimum coverage. There is a variety of units each designed for specific needs ranging from powerful indoor units with varying speed and power to units that can be installed outdoors extending the home area coverage. The Access points allow users to move from one area to another without interruptions much like cell towers in town.

The entire network can be monitored and updated via most any computer connected to the network or optionally via a remote cloud connection.

The cost of these systems depends on the requirement but for the average larger home can run $500 plus installation.  If one is simply replacing a wireless router, the cost can be as low as $250 (a bit more than twice the cost of the typical wireless router) installed and then has the ability to be expanded as needed later and still has the improved performance of the High End system.