Resetting wireless routers

From time to time many wireless routers seem to lock up and require rebooting.

This is accomplished by disconnecting the power to the router for a few second and then reconnecting it. You disconnect the power by either unplugging its power supply from the 110v plug or by pulling the power plug out of the back of the unit.

Do Not press the “reset” button on the router!

Pressing the reset button will return it to the factory default state. It then will have to be reprogramed to operate.

If you have any questions, please call me. (408 806 3066). I have seen this problem on every router that you can purchase at local stores including Netgear, LinkSys, Cisco, Air Link, etc. I have not seen this problem with the router I carry from Ubiquity Networks.

In the event that I need to reprogram your router, there is a $50 fee.

If you would like one of my routers they are $100 including programming for the standard router which covers smaller homes or $150 for a higher power 802.11AC mesh unit which covers larger areas, which can be expanded with mesh units.