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Affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet is available locally right now.

Welcome to the world’s fastest growing network – the new choice for those of you who don’t feel you have a lot of choices.

Locally Owned ~ Reliable ~ No Bundles



We are Mt Hamilton Internet Services!

What we do:

We provide high speed internet connections that do not use a phone line or¬†satellite dish. The connection is “always on” and can be tailored to your needs.

Our mission it to enhance your entertainment, education and enjoyment via the internet and to be your internet provider for TV, Video and Voice.

We serve most of the east foothills of San Jose including Clayton Valley, Three Springs, and beyond.


All data plans include unlimited data (no data caps), fast low latency internet connections (typically less than 10 ms to google)

Life Line ($50/mo)

This plan is intended for people that need internet connection for things like email, web surfing. It is intended for use by one person on one device (at a time). It is not intended for multiple simultaneous users.

The Life Line plan provides 5Mb bandwidth up and down. There are no data caps. This plan includes one static IPv4 address.

Home ($90/mo)

This is the most common plan for homes with multiple users. It can be used for streaming video, video conferencing, etc.

The Home plan provides 25Mbps bandwidth up and down. There are no data caps. This plan includes one static IPv4 address.

Business ($125/mo)

The Business plan is intended for multiple users and demanding internet usage.

The Business plan provides 50Mb bandwidth up and down. There are no data caps.  This plan includes one static IPv4 address.


Installation is free and includes a “AC” 5Ghz high performance outdoor unit and up to 3 hours of time.

Ultra High performance mmWave gigabit units are available in a growing number of areas for a one time fixed cost ranging from $200 to $500. These radios provide 50% (or more) reduction in latency and provide the most reliable connections possible for wireless internet!

Labor beyond the first 3 hours is billed at $70/hour, again not commonly required.


All accounts require to have a credit card on file.

All accounts are invoiced on the 25th of the month for the following month. On the 1st of each month credit cards are automatically charged. If a credit cardis declined the customer has unto the 10th of the month to get the issue fixed or service will be blocked.

Notes to existing customers:

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How it works? A short description of how the Mt Hamilton Internet Services network is built..